How to Save For a Year


Growing up I witnessed the important in savings. My father was out of work for a few years when I was younger. If it was not for my parents savings, we would have not been able to live were we lived or get the education that was received.


I have always found myself to be a conservative spender. However, attending college, it has been a uphill battle to always be able to save. However, it is still very important to have something fall back on. So, I have come up with two different saving plans that can work for anyone!


The first plan that I devised is for a more structured individual. Ideally, starting a savings plan January 1st would, but there is never a wrong time to start saving! Your first week you will save one dollar, week one: one dollar. Each week you save the amount of money that corresponds with it. So, at week 10 you will put away ten dollars. Below is a chart that will help you keep on track. It shows the weeks and your total amount of savings that you will have at that week. So, after 52 weeks, you will have a total of $1,378.00.

final weekly plan

If you are unable to give a certain amount each week, you can still save! My Jar Plan is the perfect plan for you. This is a monthly plan that deals with that pesty change every hates. The jingling and extra weight is just a nuisance, but it should not be thrown to the wayside; rather, it should be thrown in a jar. At the end of every day, empty those pockets out and place them in the jar. Then at the end of each week, empty your bag of loose coins. Also, you can clean out other places that might collect change, like your laundry room or car.  At the beginning of each month, empty the jar by taking the change to the bank and turn it into cash! You can even make a game out of it by guessing! Every month you will have a range of amounts. Once the year of savings has come to an end, you will be astonished at the amount of money you received from change!

Glass jar full of uk British coins

Both these plans have been able to help me save, what you do with your savings is completely up to you. I hope you invest it in something great!


How to order a meal in Italian

Last year I had the privilege of calling Rome Italy my home for eleven months. Upon arrival I had already begun learning the Italian language.  I was studying it in school and I knew the basic phrases that my grandparents had taught me growing up. I remember the first week I arrived vividly; I was very excited to be able to venture into the city center and practice my language skills.  After introductions and a few days’ worth of orientation, we were prepped to go out in a new city that I would call home for the next school year. During the first week, I had been introduced to many new people. They all seemed very friendly and eager to experience Italian culture. After a few days of sightseeing and going to new restaurants, I began to notice a worrisome trend; only about a quarter of the American students were able to speak the language at all. This was disturbing to me how can someone plan to spend a semester in another country without learning basic principles of the language beforehand? When traveling or studying abroad, you should know how to order in a restaurant at the very least. In order to prevent this from happening again, I will provide a few basic sentences that will help you order a meal in Italian.


Begin by deciding on what you want on the menu, don’t be afraid to ask the waiter for assistance, you may do so by saying: Mi scusi signor/signora che cos’è? (Excuse me miss/sir what is this?). Most restaurants have their menu in both English and Italian, for best results I would recommend asking for both menus, this way you are able read about the dishes clearly and learn something simultaneously. The cameriere (waiter) will ask: “Che deciderio?” (How may I help you?) He/she will than ask “Voui aqua frizzante ò minerale?” (Would you like bubbly water or tap?). One thing to note, in Italy you have to ask for water or bread (pane) and neither is free. If you do not want to pay for it, do not touch it. They may decide to set it on your table without you asking; however it is usually away to get an extra tip. Now, there are two ways to order your meal.  One may say “Posso avere …..” which is more formal, or “Vorrei” which translates to “I would like to have”. The waiter will than say something along the lines of; “Va bene grazie ragazze” or begin to speak to you in English, because it may be easier for him/her. Either way it is better that you try to speak with them in their native tongue while you’re in their native country. Languages do not come easily; there is a lot of time and patience involved. However, the best practice is to just go for it, do not be embarrassed when talking to a native speaker, it shows them you have respect for their culture.

Buon Studio!

How to be a Kansas Jayhawk Basketball Fan

Being a Kansas Jayhawk fan is about more than just the sports.  I certainly feel this way, and I know that this experience is not exclusive to me.  For Jayhawk fans (especially those of us who were born and raised in Lawrence), being a Jayhawk is just a part of our culture.  Since I moved away from Lawrence for college, few things have brought me as much comfort as running into a fellow Jayhawk fan on the bustling streets of Chicago.

Jayhawk fans are passionate, loyal, loud and competitive. Here is a quick “how-to” on being a Kansas Jayhawk Basketball Fan – because I know you want to convert :)

1.  Go to a game at least once a season and BYON (bring your own newspaper)


Voted as one of the top student sections in the country, and the loudest stadium in college basketball, fans enjoy watching the student section rip up hundreds of newspapers to make confetti at tip off.

2. Get uncontrollable goosebumps during the infamous pre-game video

3. Know the “Rock Chalk Jayhawk” Chant


 “Rock Chalk Jayhawk, KU.”  A transposition of chalk rock, the name for the limestone found on Mount Oread, site of the Lawrence campus.

Sung at the one-minute game time mark of any winning game, the chant is essential to any Jayhawk’s experience.

4.  Avoid the two M-words: Missouri and Manhattan


Missouri and Kansas have a rivalry that began long before any kind of sports rivalry. Even though they have moved to the SEC from the Jayhawk’s Big 12 conference, fans still hold a deep seeded resentment towards the Tigers… and the state, for that matter.

And don’t let any Kansas State fan convince you that they are our biggest rival… They’re not.

5.  Know your history…

If the names Larry Brown, Roy Williams, James Naismith, “Phog” Allen don’t ring a bell, you’re in trouble.

6.  Go to church



Allen Fieldhouse, located on Naismith Drive, literally provides Jayhawk fans with a basketball experience similar to that of a religious one.

7. Celebrate any Jayhawk win properly


The Wheel, located right off campus, is one of the most popular places to watch the games, and celebrate wins (or losses, really) post-game.  It was voted the #3 Best College Bar in America by USA Today.  Read more here:

8. Beware of the Phog


There are countless other ways to incorporate the Jayhawks into your lifestyle, but these are eight solid steps to get you started!

Here is the link to the post on my personal blog! –

How To Generate More Followers

Everybody wants more followers, but not everyone knows how to get more followers. What if I told you that there was a simple way you can begin to attract more Twitter followers to your social media account? This is just a little trick that I learned dealing with social media while I was trying to promote my music.  


  • Step one: Is to make an account on Twitter.
  • Step two: You need to tweet something interesting
  • Step three: Once you have a tweet out it is only a matter of time until someone retweets it. This goes back to step two where you want to make sure its something interesting that way people will retweet you.
  • Step four: Once you are notified that someone retweeted you, then reach out to them via direct message. Ask them if they are willing to tweet at you.
  • Step five: Once they have tweeted at you, you need to retweet them so all your followers can see that someone is talking about your tweets.
  • Step six: Once people see that you are being talked about on Twitter they are more inclined to follow you.
  • Step seven: Repeat steps five through six.


The idea here is to make it seem like people are talking about you, which will encourage other people to tweet about you. Few people like to be the first person to do something, but once people begin talking about you it is human nature to want to be a part of something. Eventually people will be talking about you on twitter and if you keep retweeting posts about you it will appear as though everyone is talking about you. This is just a little trick that I learned dealing with social media while I was trying to promote my music. I hope that you all have the same success that I had.

How to Dress Like a Modern Gentleman for an Interview: A Guide to Suiting for “The Big Day”

How to Dress Like a Modern Gentleman for an Interview: 

 suitd                                                                        A Guide to Suiting for “The Big Day.”




You’re a young professional, at the peak of your most diligent and focused period of your life. You have the credentials that make you stand out on paper, but you need not forget about making yourself stand out in other respects. Hundreds of gentlemen before you have bravely reached that exact lobby with endeavors rivaling yours, with resumes similar and suits even more “cookie-cutter.” You stray away from haphazardly tucked dress shirt attempting to hide underneath their untailored suits resembling something they may have worn to their first prom. Not you, you’re at the pinnacle of your professional life with your eyes on the prize. You don’t play it safe, you’re a risk taker, but not an arbitrary one – and your suit exemplifies that. You aren’t ostentatious in your presence, but rather aesthetically confident, humble and poised simultaneously. Your posture in this suit personifies professionalism. This is a comprehensive guide to looking your absolute best as a modern gentleman, for an interview.



  • Your dress shirt should flatter your body type, as well as compliment the suit. Plaid is dangerous, stick to basic pattern and less vibrant colors.
  • Pastels are a go, just be conscious of the season
  • Oxfords shirts are pretty basic, unless you get it tailored and accompany it with tasteful cufflinks – then it’s a classic
  • Make sure the collar of the shirt sits properly on the neck


  •  Ties are a must
  • Keep patterned ties as a second choice
  • Go with a skinnier tie
  • Half Windsor or full Windsor with the tying of the tie

Suit Jacket

  • Suit MUST be tailored
  • Suit jacket should be more form fitting than loose
  • If you have a casual and matching pocket handkerchief include it
  • If weather calls for it, pick out a coordinating pea coat


  • The dress pants must be tailored
  • Make sure the bottom of the pant is positioned appropriately above the shoe (not too high not too low)
  • Please put on a belt, preferably one that matches the suit color, not just a standard black leather belt


  • Pick yourself out a nice patterned or offsetting colored pair of socks
  • Those socks BETTER compliment appropriately coordinated wing tips or loafers.



  • No frumpy dress shirts
  • Don’t even consider a bright, neon colored dress shirt
  • NO CHAMBRAY patterns or off colors, that is ridiculous
  • No denim whatsoever


  • No graphic ties, c’mon it’s not casual Friday
  • No loosely tied ties

Suit Jackets

  • Oversized or undersized suit
  • No patterned suits
  • No pinstripes
  • And for the love of God don’t even consider a white suit


  • Avoid frumpy or baggy pant
  • Do not roll pant legs at the bottom
  • Belt buckles… never


  • DO NOT go barefoot, that is barbaric
  • No white sox ever
  • No scuffed or worn out shoes
  • Gym shoes will not fly
  • Nothing opened toed
  • NO JEWELRY – this isn’t a hip-hop video
  • No backpacks, you’re an adult now – get yourself an adult bag

Follow these steps and you will be an applicant they can’t get out of their head for the right reasons. Go against the grain, and be remembered as the distraction with a resume. Be unique and stray away from the standard, be:

  • Distinct
  • Exceptional
  • Poised
  • Confident
  • Professional
  • Competent
  • Early
  • A Modern Gentleman

Don’t be reluctant to epitomize that little extra style that makes you extraordinary. Tailor your suit to your eccentric but professional persona. Show them you mean business, make sure they know you’re a cut above the rest by cutting out that dated attire and making a stride towards greatness. Cheers Gentlemen,

 -Michael Angelo


groupsuitd(Author pictured third from the left)

How to alpha test “Rust”

For the video-gaming industry beta testing has become common practice to help designers work out the kinks of a title prior to its launch as a pay-to-play release. Recently, alpha tests for games have also been used to help a studio prepare a project to be released to the general public. The difference between an alpha and beta test is that the player in the former purchases the game at a nominal fee but then owns the game upon launch as well.

Why become an alpha tester, you ask? Well, for one, if you’ve been tracking the release of a game, by paying to become an alpha tester you gain early access to the title. You also only pay the one-time discounted fee for the game. Finally, by becoming an alpha tester you have a direct impact on the future of the release.

For the purposes of this blog, we will examine alpha testing the post-apocalyptic, zombie-survival massively multiplayer online role-playing game, “Rust.”

Rust1 (2)

Following is a step-by-step guide to become an alpha tester:

  1. Find out whether the game you’ve been researching is going to conduct an alpha or beta test. If it’s the latter than you’ll have to fill out an application to play early. If it’s the former than you must find out where they’re selling the alpha-test copies (sales for alpha tests are always conducted online).
  2. Oftentimes, an alpha test copy of a game is purchased directly online through a game engine such as Steam or Origin.
  3. Once you discover that the alpha test for “Rust” is available on Steam, you may purchase and download the game directly to your computer. The cost to purchase an alpha copy of “Rust” costs $19.99.
  4. Create an in-game account by following the on-screen prompts once you open the game for the first time.
  5. Choose a server to play on (make sure to choose a high-population one so you have plenty of people to play with).
  6. Once in the game you will be forced to survive starting with nothing but a rock, torch, and first-aid kit. You’ll find yourself tested against the elements, other players, and the nuclear fall-out zombies who have forced humankind to the brink of extinction.

For more information about “Rust,” visit To purchase the alpha edition of “Rust, visit





From an old frame for one to a new frame for many

You may want to think twice about old items before throwing them out. They can actually be recycled and used to make into something new. I found some old wooden picture frames and created a clothes line photo hanger. Some frames were either very worn out or had faded pictures and broken glass cover. Taking those old frames, string, nails, paint, and drying pins, you can create a new and unique way to hang up multiple pictures.


To create this, you will need a fairly large old picture frame that is at least one foot in length and width. Anything larger than that size also works. The bigger the frame, the longer your clothesline will be and the more pictures you can hang. After finding the frame you want to use, hollow it out by removing the back and glass covering of the frame. You will not need those anymore. Then you can paint and decorate the frame part to your liking or keep the wooden look of the frame for an old rustic feel. If you decide to paint the frame, allow the painted frame dry overnight before the next steps.


This frame can be made to be hanging horizontally or vertically. These instructions will work for both ways you decide to hang it. On the backside of the frame, use a measuring tool and hammer a nail one inch from the top on each side of the frame. Do not hammer the nail all the way in the frame; leave a small gap between the head of the nail and the frame. The nail is used to attach the string from one side to the other to make the clothesline. Go down again about six inches from the first nails and repeat the steps. Hang two strings across from each other and tie a knot onto the nails to secure it.


By now you should what looks like a hollowed out picture frame with two strings that go across it. Now that the hard part is over with, the last step is to find pictures you want to hang on the strings. The drying pins are used to hold the pictures on the string, being the “clothes” hanging on the clothesline. After pinning your pictures on the string, you have yourself a new frame to hold multiple pictures. Feel free to add more lines of string if your frame size works with it.

Making this frame is a good do it yourself (DIY) project. DIY projects bring out our creative side and we can do things the way we want. You can paint the frame any color you want and even write words on the borders of the frame for something more personal. This photo frame is a great gift for family, friends, and loved ones.

The final product: